The Limits On 203K FHA Loans

What You Need to Know About The Limits On 203K FHA Loans

203k FHA Loans were created with the aim of assisting borrowers with a way to finance homes that are older and in need of repairs regarded as significant. To obtain an FHA 203K Loan, you will need to find an FHA approved lender. Also, you will need to be able to offer a proposal that is detailed about the work you intend to conduct for these repairs.

Often the ideas behind investing in a fixer-upper with the intention to turn the property into your dream home may seem appealing. However, the reality behind such a dream is usually quiet harsh when you come to realize the amounts involved in a remodel that usually means you are unable to afford it. In other cases, you may find that lenders will not grant you a loan because the house or home is known as “uninhabitable” in its current state. This when an FHA 203K Loan can assist you.

FHA 203K loans are the types of loans that have been backed by the Federal Government which are offered to a buyer that is interested in investing in an older or damaged home with the intention of repairing the property. An example of this type of loan would be when you want to buy a property that requires a new kitchen and bathroom. The FHA 203K lender would provide you with the money to either refinance or buy the home as well as the additional money needed for the renovations for the bathroom and kitchen.

In most cases, these loans can also include a maximum of a 20% contingency reserve to ensure you have enough funds available to complete such a remodel when the remodel costs more than the estimates provides. Or the loan offers provisions for around six months for mortgage payments that will allow you to live somewhere else during the remodel as well as being able to make the mortgage payments on the home you have invested in.

The FHA Loan 203K Limits

The amount of the loan provided by the FHA approved lender will be dependent on the loan type. With the regular FHA 203K, the smallest amount that you will be asked to borrow will be $5,000. Also, the maximum amount of the regular FHA 203K loan that you will be able to obtain on purchase loans will be the lesser value related to these two amounts.

Nationwide FHA Mortgage Limits

The LTV (Loan-to-Value) ratio from a Purchase Loan-to-Value Limits are typically multiplied using the lesser-of the following:

�110% of AIV (After Improved Value) or

�The AAIV (Adjusted As-Is Value) that also includes:

�For the Standard 203K, Financeable Repair and Improvement Costs or a Limited 203K

�For Standard 203K, financeable Mortgage Fees or the Limited 203K and

�The Financeable Mortgage Payment Reserves only available with the Standard 203K

The limits for a refinance are very similar but also consider the fees for the existing-loan and the amount related to existing debt.

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